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sometimes I need only to stand wherever I am to be blessed..

Dear N,

I can't believe we've been married five years, today. We've laughed, played, argued, traveled, worked and become something we couldn't have achieved without each other. There's a primary song that says, "God, gave us families to help us become what he wants us to be." He knew I needed you to 'become' a better me.

You're my big dreamer and a lingerer. You're my passionate hobbyist and a sincere do-gooder. You're my tease and a talk-it-through-er.

So, "Tell me, what is it you plan to dowith your one wild and precious life?

I plan to spend mine with you.

Much Love,


(quotes by Mary Oliver)
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the middle of somewhere

I was sitting here contemplating what fun/project cowboy will have scheduled for us this weekend. Sigh! The past two weekends, my muscles and patience were tested with digging post holes and building fence. I didn't get to do one thing that I wanted! So, not wanting to think about this weekend's hard work, my mind remembered my blog. I haven't thought of it or looked at it for a good bit.
So, here I am!
I glanced at my last blog post, which was written almost two years ago. It's crazy to look back and remember where I was and where I ended up today. I called my mom at the beginning of the week, and she was telling me about when she and my dad started dating. They were chuckling while remembering, but that is a moment that needed to happen to get from that point to this point.
So, here's to progress - good, bad, ugly, fun, and sad!
1. We bought a house, and it wasn't a moment too soon. The home we purchased was an old home that hadn't been lived in for several y…

and suddenly I'm 32

Dear Me,

Suddenly you're one year older and hopefully wiser too. So, Happy Birthday to you! I haven't written anything on this blog in one year, and it's amazing to think of all that has made up my year of 31.

I have taught another year of junior high. I have avoided doing my hair the majority of those days. I've wondered about going back to school and thought about a future family. I've been to more rodeos this past year than most people will ever attend in a life time. I am grateful for each day, and the opportunities I have as a wife, daughter, sister, teacher, friend, neighbor, aunt, and work-in-progress.
32 Details about Me
1. I currently live in Arco, Idaho 2. I enjoy and require at least an hour all to myself each day - it's me being an introvert 3. I designed and made a queen size denim quilt out of Cowboy's worn out britches, except some help tying it and reminding me how to bind it

4. I still get bothered the most at school by 8th grade boys who like to…

i'm feeling 31

Dear A,
It's your birthday. I thought I would jot down some notes on what it feels like to live, breathe, and be at this stage in your life.

1. Last night your husband realized that a cake could be nice for your birthday. He panicked, because there is no place to purchase one in the middle of no where. You got nominated to make your own cake. It's going to be delicious.
2. You teach 7th and 8th graders. You've been working on diagramming simple subjects, simple predicates, prepositional phrases, and articles. It is always delightful. 
3. You have been great at exercising at least 30 minutes each day.
4. You are attempting to teach piano to three students. It's not your favorite thing, but you're learning to enjoy it.
5. You love your green smoothie each morning.
6. The minimum you drive each day is 120 miles.
7. Cowboy and you are in a good scripture reading/praying groove. You even have FHE each Monday.
8. There is no snow to been had or seen in your neck of the woods. Al…

dirty figernails

Hi there,
I must have gotten the writing bug. Two posts in one week. I have just been chuckling all week as I have watched these events unfold and had to share my slice of country.
It's that time of year when hunting enthusiasts walk around in their special camouflage duds. Guns are being sighted in. Secret spots are being guarded yet bragged about. Old stories are being compared. Pickups are being loaded up. Just normal things in my neck of the woods.
Did I mention students are missing school? Yep, it's a big deal. Yesterday was opening season for the general deer hunt. My normal drive to school that usually consists of two cars, a couple of truckers with a load of hay, and several antelope is now faced with many hunters and their rigs - trailers, four wheelers, gas grills, tree stands and duds for the next two weeks. You know, just the essentials. They pull off the road, hike into their 'secret' spot, and await their opportunity to eye the prize and then shoot it. Hunti…

my body

Dear Reader,

(This is a girlish post with girlish information. If you're not into that sort of stuff, now is the time to exit.)

I have gone back and forth on whether I should post about recent experiences I have had. They are very personal, scary, and insightful all at the same time. I have come to the conclusion though, that great insights come when we are challenged. So here it goes...

It all started with this body of mine. I got married and figured birth control would simplify my life. I have had friends/family who were on various forms and had no problems or side effects whatsoever. Plus, Cowboy and I wanted time to be married and not rush into babyland. I went to visit the OB/GYN and found it simple enough to get a prescription. I asked good questions and was informed that I shouldn't be worried about side effects or problems. I figured that the doctor's word should be good enough for me. I was good to go for the first few months. I gained some weight, but that was prob…

happily imperfect

I read an interesting article(here)about social media and the effects it is having on culture. It's about how we need to stop posting our perfect lives online, because the reality is our lives are not perfect.
I struggled for a bit with a couple of friends/ladies and their blogs/facebook accounts awhile back for various reasons. I am over it now, but will admit jealousy existed. It was my issue entirely. I must have had glasses on that only allowed me to see what their lives contained (clothes, hobbies, vacations, traveling, amazing food, incredible photography skills, and immaculately clean and well designed homes)and focus on what I thought my life lacked (insert same list as above). I must have got kicked by a cow pretty hard because one day it dawned on me that no one's life is better or worse than mine...they are simply different. I love that idea. So I will go on preparing my scrumptious lemon cream pie that I don't think Cowboy really likes and probably not take a pi…